Black Friday A Success For The Gaming Industry

The Christmas shopping season is now well underway, and video games are once again at the top of many peoples’ gift lists.

The busiest shopping weekend of the year – or “Black Friday” as it has come to be known – sees business rise exponentially for any and every kind of retail outlet, but the video game industry always seems to do especially well, often playing host to some of the best deals of the season.

Perhaps the success can be chalked up to the popularity of


Shoppers in line at GAME

video games amongst younger audiences – the same people who are the main recipients of Christmas presents. Or perhaps it is a matter of simple mathematics. 25% off on a new PlayStation 4 is a saving of around 75 pounds; 25% off on a typical PlayStation 4 game means an extra 10 pounds in the consumers’ pocket. Such savings are hard to argue with.

I caught up with a sales assistant busy on the floor of the Arndale Centre’s GAME store, hoping to gain a greater understanding of what Black Friday meant for the industry. As we spoke, a painfully long queue of eager shoppers stretched from one side of the store to the other, providing a worthy challenge for the four tills waiting to serve them.

“Yesterday, we turned over about twice what we would have on a normal Friday or Saturday, if not more”, he revealed to me. He indicated that the store had been just as busy throughout the week, most notably for the midnight launch of Nintendo’s Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Console bundles are chief amongst GAME’s deals this holiday season. The retail outlet is providing savings as high as £150 for a 500 gigabyte Playstation 4 console bundled with two games and Now TV access.

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